Which are the Best Brands to buy Dog Food Online in India?

Pedigree Dog Food or Royal Canin Dog Food which is the best for your dog?

For most of our online pet supplies like dog food, dog toys, dog treats, and dog beds, we rely on online shopping especially with free delivery items and sometimes visit the local pet store. Online shopping for pet food is especially convenient because you can avoid carrying heavy bags of 10 kg or even 20 kg Pedigree or Royal Canin.

We almost always buy enough monthly supplies so that we do not run out of food midway in the month. Moreover buying in bulk works out cheaper per kg compared to smaller bags.

the best dog food and supplies in India

For your reference, we have listed below a few dog food brands you can buy from Amazon India that we have personally bought and used for Angel - our golden retriever - on a regular basis. We have found these products to be of reasonable quality and repute and would recommend it to any dog owner who has a golden retriever in India. Being pet parents ourselves, we understand how you feel about choosing the right product for your pooch.

pedigree dog food price

We are as much concerned about our golden retriever getting the right kind of pet supplies - be it dog food, dog treats, or dog toys. With some experience and lot of research, we choose Angel's dog supplies online regularly from Amazon India, however, advise you consult your vet if in doubt and check the suitability of the product to suit your dog breed, size, age, and needs. Hope you like them.

Buying Dog Food Online in India

What is the best brand dog food available in India is everybody's concern. We all want nothing but the best for our pet and hence are particularly concerned about what dog food we give our pooches. We too have been consistent and selective on the diet we choose for Angel. Royal Canin Golden Retriever Adult dog food 20 Kg and Farmina Natural and Delicious dog food are the two brands we choose regularly for their high-quality reputation. N&D is available in grain-free as well as low-grain varieties. No-grain dog food is more expensive but has a high content source of protein Angel's primary food is dog kibble and a mid-day snack of a cup of home-cooked food.

Goodness Grain Free Dog Food.jpg

Pedigree Adult Complete Nutrition is one of the most popular brands of dog food available in India. But going by various food reviews across the web, we feel that Pedigree dog food quality is below average but costs much lesser than Royal Canin and Natural and Delicious. That being said, however, we have no experience with the brand. We assume this is because of the fact that Pedigree dog food 20kg price in India is amongst the cheapest available brands. Some of the other popular dog food brands in India include Grain-Free Goodness, Taste of Wild, Arden Grange, Acana, Hill's Science Adult Dog Food, Drools Focus, Orijen, Purina, etc.


Farmina Natural and Delicious dog food

Grain-Free vs Low-Grain vs Regular Dry Dog Food

It is said that dogs have evolved from wolves and have digestive systems more suited for a carnivorous diet because they were supposedly wild animals. Over the thousands of years, domestication has resulted in dogs adapting to most human foods including carbs. However, some people are of the opinion that in spite of this, since dogs are originally carnivores, we must feed them purely carb-free diets. Hence, No-Grain or commonly called Grain-Free dog food recipes were developed. These contain high quantities of protein mixed with high-fiber vegetables or fruits. Supposedly this category of dog food is the best quality of dry food (kibble) available in the market. If you want nothing but the best for your beloved pooch, you must try some of the brands offering grain-free recipes. Few brands of grain-free kibble available in India are Natural and Delicious, Grain-Free Goodness, Grain Zero, Taste of Wild, Orijen, etc.

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Best Puppy Toys and Dog Toys

Bringing a puppy home is like bringing a baby home. There are a host of pet supplies that you need to buy online or physical store beforehand. Toys are a part of such a pet shopping haul :-) Choosing dog toys for your new puppy is a delightful and exciting experience, especially for the children at home. More often than not, we purchase very attractive and seemingly good toys like soft plush toys only to be torn into pieces within minutes by the puppy with its sharp teeth. This leaves us disappointed and frustrated leading us to stop buying dog toys any further. However, it is not only fun but also benefits in training your puppy and also your dog in the long run.

Bakrbutler Plush Dog Toy.jpg

Some of the best dog toys are those that fulfill the needs of the individual dog and it depends on what dog breed you have. An aggressive chewer, especially if it is an adult dog, needs a Nylabone Dura Chew or a Kong Chew Stick while a hyperactive dog may need a Kong ball or Kong Flyer for a game of fetch. Similarly, a Trixie squeaky toy may keep your puppy engaged during active hours. In all cases, however, it is of utmost importance that you monitor your pooch for safety since no toy is 100% "destruction proof" and the dog may ingest pieces of the toy leading to grievous injury.

Some of the best-known brands offering quality dog chew toys are Kong,
Trixie, and Nylabone which we have used for Angel and can vouch for their durability and quality, though these cost a lot more than local products which last no longer than a few minutes to a few hours. Compare that with the above brands that have lasted us more than many months! Plus these are much safer for your dogs too!


Kong Dog Toys Amazon

Canines love toys, and the thing they adore most about toys is destroying them. At any rate, that is the situation with supposed aggressive chewers, who have a skill for destroying whatever toy you put before them – be it soft toys, plastic, or rope toys. If this is what your pooch seems to be, you likely have a load of destroyed and damaged toys in your home.

Pitbulls, Labs, and other powerful breeds are known for being hard chewers, yet even small-sized dogs can wreck toys in the blink of an eye the moment they catch hold of it. The awful thing about it – besides the probability of your dog swallowing pieces of the toy – is the money you spend on toys only to keep your pooch engaged for a couple of hours (or even a couple of minutes).

While no pooch toy is totally chew safe, some are considerably more tough than others. Here are some of the best indestructible dog toys available online on Amazon.

Pedigree Gravy Adult Wet Dog Food Amazon

Dog Treats, Dog Biscuits, and Cookies

Chip Chops Diced Chicken and other flavors, Glenands Dog Biscuits, Dog treats, and snacks form an important part of your dog's diet. However, Angel gets only a handful of them and that too only on completion of a task during obedience training. Some of the training treats we generally use are Purepet biscuits, and Jerhigh dog treats. Dog training treats must be used in small quantities as a reward for finishing an activity or to associate a certain behavior with the treat.

Any treat, be it homemade dog treats or packaged ones, should not form a significant part of your pooch's daily calorific intake. Many dog treat packages may have you believe that the product is absolutely safe and even healthy to be given on a regular basis. However, moderation is always prudent. Make sure you buy different brands and different varieties of snacks on a rotational basis. Again, a very small portion should be used - Keep treat as a treat and not as a regular food!!!

Choostix Chicken Dog Treat.jpg

What supplements does my dog need

A lot of dog owners nowadays frequently include some sort of dietary supplements in the daily diet of their dog. However, the choice of dog supplements must be made carefully and only on your vet's advice. It is generally felt that larger dogs need more of these compared to small dog breeds. Increasingly, we are seeing bone and muscle problems in larger dog breeds and hence maintaining good bone health is of utmost importance for the life of the pooch. This may help reduce the severity of illnesses later in life.

The most commonly observed problems include arthritis, joint stiffness, hip dysplasia, etc. Additionally, for dogs with long hair, maintenance of dog coat care and reducing hair shedding also needs some sort of supplement in the daily food. Most commonly dog food supplements are:
Glucosamine - For maintenance of cartilage, bone, and joint.
Calcium - For over skeletal and bone growth.
Fish Oil - For Skin and hair coat and also heart.
Antioxidants Vitamins - To reduce inflammation, maintenance of aging effect.
Probiotics - For good digestion and intestinal health.

Beaphar Dog Vitamins Top-10 Dog Suppleme

Shopping for these dog supplements in India has become common with different brands claiming too good to be true results. It is, however, advisable to use these only on your vet's advice and in limited quantities. Many of these, even those that are "herbal and 100% natural" may not be safe and may cause serious damage to the long term well-being of your dog. Always buy reputable brands and use with discretion.


Happy Pet Parenting!