August 14, 2019

Let me tell you my little secret... I have taken many tennis balls from children....

Who the heck is this ugly Doggo who is posing as if he is some old king posing for his portrait while showing off his riches.... Oh wait....That's me🙄😣

I know. I know. You think that I am a very bad Doggo as I told you that I took balls from innocent people. But trust me I'm not.

What! You don't believe me! Ask my friends. You surely can't ask my enemies, 'cause I don't have any.

*hee hee.

All the balls that you se...

March 4, 2019

Previously on 'The peculiar Pencil'-

'We will have to spend the night here as it is closed.' regretted Tiro. Lucy sighed and sat on a big fat couch. The others joined her. The trio sat on the couch for a while looking at the little books moving around glumly. 'Why don't we just look for the book rather than sitting here doing nothing?' said Avery. 'Yeah' said Avery 'Okay let's do it.' 

Once again, they started their search....
The story so far:

Part 1: The peculiar Pencil
Part 2: Tiro - The Genie

February 22, 2019

Previously on 'The Peculiar Pencil' -

'Okay... so we want you to take us into your world of magic. We want to see how people live there.' said Avery to Tiro - the Genie. 'Ohh...this is a tough decision. Our world is not that safe you know? Recently a cruel wizard has taken over our country. He is known as Lord Norbert. So make sure you always stay with me and never go wandering off your own. If you promise me to do this, only then I will take you.' said Tiro. Then Tiro cast a weird spell with ove...

January 22, 2019

Previously on 'The Peculiar pencil' - Chapter 1

'So you want me to open this box? Looks pretty old.' said Mr.Madison interested. He thought for a while and went to the store room to get a large hammer. He hammered the old lock as hard as he could. The girls stared at the box with excitement. After many tries it finally opened. The girls screamed with excitement and sat down beside their father. There were huge smiles on their faces They opened the box slowly with enthusiasm expecting something gr...

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